Many people do not realize that Love Bears All provides spiritual counseling, premarital counseling, weddings and funerals at no charge to those in need. Please check out our Pastoral Ministries page on our website for more details.

If you have no church to call “home”, no pastor or spiritual counselor, but you need someone to talk to, we can help you. We have Ordained Ministers who are willing to listen to what you are going through, take you to the Word of God for the answers you need and pray with you. Or, if you are getting married and you want to make sure you are prepared emotionally and spiritually as a couple, we are here for you with Premarital Counseling.

If you need a Wedding Officiant to perform your ceremony, whether outside or indoors, in whatever season of the year, whatever location you choose, we are excited to help you. Our only requirement is that you both be on the same page spiritually-speaking. The Bible is clear that two people should not be married if they do not agree in their understanding of God and are not walking with Him in a similar manner. Our Ordained Ministers have a great deal of officiating experience with hundreds of weddings between them – we are sure you can find a suitable match to make your customized ceremony a joyful wedding experience.

If you have had a death in the family, or you are responsible for the arrangements of someone you love and you do not have an Officiant for the funeral, we are here to assist you. This is a difficult time, no matter who it involves or what the circumstances are – we want to help you through this time of grief and loss with compassion and love. Our Ordained Ministers can meet with you, pray with you and put together a service for you to honor your loved one’s life. The custom service is designed with you to bring the memories and the moments you want highlighted to those who come to celebrate the life of your loved one.

In all of these situations, and more, if you need Pastoral Care, we are here for you. Please call 303-883-5899 to discuss your needs with one of our Pastors and let us help you. The services are free of charge to any who are in need (donations to Love Bears All are accepted, but not required).