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Our Ministry Partners

As a nonprofit ministry, we would like to thank all of the businesses, ministries, organizations and individuals who support us. We would also like to recognize and encourage you to support the following businesses who have caring and generous hearts. Please let them know that you appreciate their support of Love Bears All. They are:

Disciples Christian Fellowship

Disciples Christian Fellowship

Inspired Design Websites

Inspired Design Website Development

Andraos Construction

Movement 5280
Giving Heart Englewood
Heflebower Funeral Home & Crematory
Home Safety and Accessibility Solutions

The Cross of Christ

Sock It To Em

Sock It To Em

All Fur Love

Faith on Wheels

Love, I.N.C.
Gracefull Cafe
How Is My Money Spent

Money Management

If you are a major contributor in some way to the ministry work of Love Bears All, you will become an LBA Ministry Partner. And, as a partner in ministry, you will be highlighted on our website and you will have access to seeing how your contribution is used.

When you first become an LBA Ministry Partner, you can receive full disclosure of our records, upon written request (with confidentiality for our clients remaining in place, of course).

We promise you that 100% of your gift, designated or undesignated, will be used to help the hurting people in need living in our community. All contributions go directly or indirectly to the benefit of those we serve.


NOTE: You must be a major one-time contributor or regular monthly contributor to request specific financial reports.

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Our Need for YOU

We need a virtual army of volunteers and donors to do what we do.

Maybe you can help with a particular trade or specialty? Maybe you can sit with an elderly person for an hour every week to visit or read a book? Maybe you can provide good canned, dry or frozen food? Maybe you have some medical equipment to donate? Or, maybe you have the financial resources to be able to give regularly to this ministry?

Please, fill out the form below and let us know how you can help us help others.

Thank you.

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Love Bears All, Inc. is a confirmed and vetted charity through the GuideStar verification process. This verification will allow us to register with GoFundMe and others who count on it to determine nonprofit status.