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Love Bears All, Inc.

Love Bears All, Inc. provides physical, financial and spiritual support to the elderly, disabled, and disadvantaged in the Southwest Denver Metro area.

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What We Do


The vision of Love Bears All is to ensure that hurting people in crisis in the Southwest Denver Metro area are cared for Biblically in the love of Christ.

Our mission is to acquire and distribute physical and financial resources, spiritual support and services to help meet the emergent needs of the hurting people in crisis. Needs experienced by senior citizens, disabled persons, single mothers, battered women, widows and orphans. We do this by being faithful stewards of donated resources and by being willing servants of Jesus Christ, showing His love to the hurting in our community.

Recent Projects

LBA Food Bank officially opened to the public for weekly “in-store shopping” 2/12/22.
LBA Food Bank delivery was provided to several shut-ins and the infirm, as needed.
On-going weekly small group Bible studies continue, available for all seniors to attend.
LBA ADA Bank (disabled equipment) officially opened and began loaning equipment.
Provision of 1 transport chair, 2 wheelchairs and 3 walkers to disabled & elderly clients.
Provision of blood-ox meters, blood pressure cuffs and blood sugar test kits to several.
Provision of knee, back, elbow and wrist braces and ice-circulating machines to several.
We have helped several disabled clients getting to and from medical appointments.
Planter boxes were built and grew herbs and veggies to help a Senior community.
Designed and built a garden area for additional planting in 2023.
Built and painted a porch wall to protect a disabled man from wind, snow and rain.
Prescription pick-ups and grocery pick-ups provided for disabled or shut-in Clients.
Several swamp coolers were inspected and reconnected (turned on) for the summer.
Funerals were officiated for free and grief counseling was available for those in need.
Free grief counseling was provided for a woman who just lost her mother.
Free addiction counseling was provided for a pregnant single woman to stay sober.
Helped a senior lady do some funeral arrangements and get the estate settled.
Free smoke and CO2 detectors were offered to a Senior community.
Solar-powered emergency lights offered to a Senior community at a discounted rate.
A wedding was officiated at no cost to the couple.
Dinner and breakfast events were held to provide entertainment and food for seniors.
Hundreds of pounds of free groceries were given to a senior living community.
Built a shuttered divider for an elderly man to use in his shared bathroom for privacy.
A single mother who was pregnant was provided with an extended housing arrangement.
Assembled a carport for an elderly man to use for his car.
Cut doors down to size for a disabled senior getting new carpet.
Installed an ADA-traversable asphalt pathway from the street to the LBA Food Bank.
Installed a flagstone patio in front of the LBA Food Bank, leveled and finished for safety.
An Ice Cream Social was held to provide entertainment and goodies for several seniors.
Planted three trees in a disabled man’s yard.
Repaired a roof gutter at an elderly man’s house.
Food was provided to feed 750-850 homeless people.
Fixed toilets for a disabled senior who had no way to afford a plumber.
New tables (8) and chairs (38) donated to a local Senior community for their clubhouse.
Monthly events were scheduled to engage older people in social activities.
Hospital visits and prayers in homes for the sick & injured offered as needed.
Family counseling offered on an as needed basis to some families at no cost.
LBA Truck is in serious need of a Transfer Case replacement that fits within our budget.
Asked to paint a disabled man’s home, but due to physical issues, we were unable to get it done.
Church plant (DCF) celebrated 2 years in an Adult Community with 25-30 regular attendees.


Our Calling to Help

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Our Nonprofit Organization

We rely heavily upon Love Bears All Volunteers and Donors to be able to meet the physical and financial needs of hurting folks. These are NEEDS, not WANTS.

Needs like an emergency furnace repair in sub-zero weather, or a simple emergency trip to the pharmacy when a car broke down. An elderly person who cannot get their own groceries anymore due to their declining health, or someone who needs to receive a call, visit or welfare check because they are living alone and conditions outside are harsh. It could be that we have a Client who needs our help getting their gutters cleaned because they are too old to get on a ladder, or it may be a young wife who has been beaten by her husband who suffers from mental issues who now needs help finding resources for her specific situation. A single mother who has had her door broken in and cannot afford to secure her own home for the night, or a disabled man who has had unexpected car trouble and cannot make his rent and still buy his medicine.

No matter the severity of the issue, these people have serious needs which they just cannot handle alone. These are actual examples of the types of help that we have provided real people. And there are real people who volunteer their time and generous people who donate resources to help meet these needs. We are a 100% volunteer run Christian charity – we depend on God and people who have caring and generous hearts to help us help others.

The Lord leads us to those in need and members of the Board of Directors of Love Bears All carefully vet and prioritize each need that comes our way. The word is put out to our Volunteers and Donors, and God sends to us the folks and the resources to help meet the need. We hope YOU are among them!

Volunteer Updates for 2023

  • We have had several Community Service Volunteers assist us this year to complete educational requirements and court-ordered hours. Each person enjoyed working with us and said they would like to continue volunteering for LBA.
  • We signed up with Benevity to make our charitable nonprofit opportunities accessible to Corporate employees who wish to donate time as volunteers, or to give donations from their paychecks to reputable nonprofits.
  • We registered with Vee in 2022, a service that posts volunteering opportunities to the public and provides nonprofits in need of volunteers with a web-based volunteer sign-up service.
  • We registered this year with Sign-up Genius to get additional posts of volunteering opportunities to the public and provide us with an additional web-based volunteer sign-up service.
  • We have increased our presence on Facebook and NextDoor to allow additional opportunities for people to sign up to volunteer.
  • We have reached out to several churches for help in volunteering.

Fundraising Efforts Results for 2023

  • We had many food events this year, including a Valentine’s Day Dinner & Dance, two Biscuits and Gravy Breakfasts, one Pancake Breakfast, and a Taco Tuesday. All were successful.
  • The LBA Yard Sale this summer was a success as well, helping to pay for the cost of our transportation ministry.
  • We had a few special fundraising events for individual needs and many of the fundraising goals for these individuals and families highlighted were either met or exceeded.
  • We have had a very successful showing so far for the Winter Weather Wear Drive – Producing more than 2 large van loads full of warm weather wear for the homeless, underprivileged and aged.
  • Our Lettie’s Lunches food program for the unhoused has received support to maintain its ministry and even grow (we now serve upwards of 330 people each week).
  • The LBA Food Bank has grown with two new shelving units for more canned and dried goods and two new freezers for more frozen meats and cheeses.
  • We also received 6,500 pairs of new socks for those in need on the streets of our community.

Our Need for YOU

We need a virtual army of volunteers and donors to do what we do.

Maybe you can help with a particular trade or specialty? Maybe you can sit with an elderly person for an hour every week to visit or read a book? Maybe you can provide good canned, dry or frozen food? Maybe you have some medical equipment to donate? Or, maybe you have the financial resources to be able to give regularly to this ministry?

Please, fill out the form below and let us know how you can help us help others.

Thank you.

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Love Bears All, Inc. is a confirmed and vetted charity through the GuideStar verification process. This verification will allow us to register with GoFundMe and others who count on it to determine nonprofit status.