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Love Bears All, Inc.

Love Bears All, Inc. provides physical, financial and spiritual support to the disabled, disadvantaged, abused, elderly, widowed, single mothers, battered women, human trafficking victims and orphaned residents in Arapahoe and Douglas Counties in Colorado, specifically ministering within the Littleton and Highlands Ranch communities.

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What We Do


The Vision Statement of Love Bears All is to ensure the hurting people of Arapahoe and Douglas Counties are cared for Biblically in the love of Christ.

The Mission Statement of Love Bears All is to acquire and distribute financial resources, physical and spiritual support and services to help meet the emergent needs of the hurting people in our community, such as those experienced by senior citizens, single mothers, battered women and orphans, and, we do this by being faithful stewards of such resources and willing servants of Jesus Christ in order to show His love and spread His Word.

Past Projects
  • Projects 2
    Provided automotive repair help several times

    Help paying bills (various and multiple cases)

    Removal and replacement of a failing furnace (man)

    Organized and led a Senior Well-Being Fair for the community

    Provided “Compassion Care” visits in homes

    Provided assistance to guide people to available resources

    Have committed to conduct 3 funerals, when needed at no cost

    Helped people move in or out of homes several times

    Helped people move items to storage units

    Removal and replacement of a security door and screen door

    Provide housing assistance, food and counseling to a battered woman and her son

    Provide help for the replacement of a furnace for an elderly woman without any means

    Provide prescription delivery service for a shut-in widow

    Provide a refrigerator for an elderly woman dying of a respiratory illness, along with food and nutritional help

    Provide food for a diabetic man who is disabled

    Provide leaf raking and gutter cleaning for 75 elderly residents

    Provide labor and materials to modify a door, remove and replace a washer and dryer and repair trim work within the home of an elderly man with dementia

    Provide labor and materials to paint the skirting of an elderly man's mobile home

    Provide the labor to clean, wash dishes and repair a disposal at an elderly woman's home

    Provide emergency assistance to an elderly widow who needed help with her oxygen tanks

    Provide vehicle repair service to an elderly woman

    Provide financial assistance to a senior with disabilities to replace his car's engine (still an active program)

    Provide assistance to a retirement community to grind down dangerous trip hazards in concrete walkways (still an active program)

    Install a flagpole and donated flags for a retirement community

    Install a new mail center postal table and trash container cabinet for the a retirement community

    Provide financial assistance to a 77 year old man allowing him to make his rent
  • Projects We have Done
    Removal and replacement of a dead furnace

    Removal of gas stove and replacement with electric stove for safety

    Painting of an entire house exterior

    Painting of bedroom, hallway and living room in a water-damaged unit

    Painting of a mobile home unit’s skirting

    Grinding of multiple trip hazards on common community walkways

    Concrete patch repair of a broken step

    Epoxy coating and addition of skid resistance to a stairwell

    Snow plowing of community sidewalks

    Gutter cleaning of multiple units

    Evaporative cooler repair to one rooftop unitRoof sealing around penetrations

    Yard raking, tree pruning and yard clean up of several units

    Porch clean-up and organization

    Daily welfare checks on dying woman

    Removal and replacement of dead dishwasher

    Weekly assistance with trash removal for dying individual

    Purchase and install of a new steam table and sneeze-guard

    Removal and replacement of dead washer and dryer

    Welfare checks on multiple elderly individuals

    Acquisition of a $500.00 grant for landscaping at clubhouse

    Removal and replacement of roof system, ceiling, wall and insulation

    Acquisition of a $500.00 grant for community building events

    Acquisition of a $500.00 grant for National Night Out

    Organized and led a National Night Out Campaign for a community

    Food bank assistance and delivery for multiple individuals 2x p/month

    Complete Thanksgiving meal deliveries to 30 individuals

    Replacement of community First Aid kit

    Removal and replacement of an interior door frame and door

    Removal and replacement of a dead refrigerator

    Purchase and installation of a new community flagpole/flags

    Assistance with organizing a Memorial Day Observance

    Multiple prescription pick-ups and deliveries

    Multiple grocery gift cards given out to needy individuals

    Lot rent paid for four separate widows in need at $725.00 each

    Provided coats and other clothing to several individuals

Our Calling to Help

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Service Projects

Community Gatherings

Compassion Care

Food Assistance

Transportation & Errands


Our Nonprofit Organization

We rely upon Love Bears All Volunteers and Donors to be able to meet the physical and financial needs of hurting folks. These are NEEDS, not WANTS.

Needs like an emergency furnace repair in sub-zero weather, or a simple emergency trip to the pharmacy when a car broke down. An elderly person who cannot get their own groceries anymore due to their declining health, or someone who needs to receive a call, visit or welfare check-up because they are living alone and conditions outside are harsh. It could be that we have a Client who needs our help getting their gutters cleaned because they are too old to get on a ladder, or it may be a young wife who has been beaten by her husband who suffers from mental issues who now needs help finding resources for her specific situation. A single mother who has had her door broken in and cannot afford to secure her own home for the night, or a disabled man who has had unexpected car trouble and cannot make his rent and still buy his medicine.

No matter the severity of the issue, these people have serious needs that they just cannot handle alone. These are actual examples of the types of help that we have provided real people. And there are real people who volunteer their time and generous people who donate resources to help meet these needs. We are a 100% volunteer run religious charity – we depend on people who have caring and generous hearts to help us help others.

The Lord leads us to those in need and the Board of Directors of Love Bears All carefully vets and prioritizes each need that comes our way. The word is put out to our Volunteers and Donors and God sends to us the folks and the resources to help meet the need.


Our Need for YOU

We need a virtual army of volunteers and donors to do what we do. Maybe you can help with a particular trade or specialty? Maybe you can sit with an elderly person for an hour every week to visit or read a book? Maybe you can provide a bed for a single mother to give her child? Or, maybe you have the financial resources to be able to give regularly to this ministry?

Fill out the form below and let us know how you can help us help others. Thank you.

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