Dear LBA Friends,

It has been a very busy year so far, and I sense it will only get busier.

Recently, we found out that the nation may be undergoing a quarantine to protect its citizens from a highly-virulent virus known as Coronavirus. This could have a very serious impact on many people around the world, not just in America.

It appears that China has seen many people be infected with this virus and the forecast of death seems to be rather high. Apparently, somewhere near eighty thousand cases have been reported by some unofficial Chinese sources, but the official numbers from the Government seem quite a bit lower than that. They are reporting that around three thousand have died so far in China, but some reports online have these numbers much higher.

The CDC is estimating that this could have a catastrophic mortality rate worldwide. Already they are reporting that there are 140 countries with cases and an estimated 150,000 confirmed cases according to the W.H.O. Of these, they say that there are about 5,000 dead.

Symptoms seem to include: fever or chills, a dry cough (unproductive), muscle or body aches, possible sore throat and a difficulty breathing. If you have these symptoms, you are supposed to quarantine yourself away from the rest of your household, take Zinc and Vitamin C, get fresh air flowing through your home, do not share a bathroom with others and do not go out in public. This is what the Chinese doctors have reported has been effective treatment.

Please join me in prayer for those affected and for those at risk.

Thank you,

Bear Deardorff, President/CEO
Love Bears All, Inc.