Please help us raise the money needed to repair our recently donated pick-em-up truck! We will be using this vehicle to assist many hurting and needy people with a variety of services. Check out what is waiting for this truck right now:

1. Elderly, disabled widow needing trash and other items removed from her home.

2. Single mother of five waiting to have a freezer we are donating dropped off for her to be able to store food for her kids.

3. Elderly disabled woman in a local mobile home park who needs her tub removed and a custom-made shower pan installed so she can wheel her chair into the shower.

4. Moving furniture and other items for an upcoming Yard Sale to benefit the ministry work of Love Bears All.

Please help us to pay for the needed repairs and get this truck up and running.

Thank you!

Bear Deardorff, President/CEO
Love Bears All, Inc.