Please help – Love Bears All needs an Auto Mechanic to help with some basic repairs to a 1992 Dodge Dakota 4×4 V8 that was provided to us at a very low cost. This vehicle is important for all of the work we do in ministry that requires hauling/deliveries/moving/etc. At 315,000 miles, it has been a trustworthy vehicle, but now it needs some tender loving care.

The vehicle needs a basic tune-up, some repair to the gas tank (neck has disconnected from wall of the truck side), some brake work, adjustment to the steering column (steering wheel is vertically, not horizontally aligned), some electrical issues at the dashboard, the A/C does not work, the windshield is broken and perhaps some front end work on struts and bearings. She has a lot of body damage, some rust and paint that is peeling everywhere, but that is all just cosmetic. We need it roadworthy to pass emissions and continue serving needy people for years to come.

Please respond if you would be interested in providing any of these services at low cost or donating your expertise to Love Bears All – we will pay for the parts.

Thank you!

Bear Deardorff, President/CEO
Love Bears All, Inc.