This Leap Day, February 29, 2020 marks the 1st day that Love Bears All, Inc. of Littleton Colorado will operate with a full-time employee.

Mr. Bear Deardorff, 55, also of Littleton Colorado, retired from the construction world in order to join Love Bears All as its first full-time employee. He will be serving as the President and CEO of Love Bears All, Inc., a Christian nonprofit charitable organization serving the needy and hurting people of the Front Range Region of Colorado.

Prior to February 28th, Bear served for several years as the Senior Estimator with Andraos Construction, a concrete and asphalt construction company. He was involved in the construction industry at various levels since 1978, when he started his first of four small remodeling companies. Bear was also employed for several years as a Marketing and Advertising Executive in the secular and in the para-church ministry sectors.

God’s calling on his life began in 1982, as an 18 year old, when he was licensed to preach the Gospel by Applewood Baptist Church in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. In the late 1990’s, he was called to lead a local inner-city church called Church on the Outside, serving as their Senior Pastor. He also served as a Care Pastor at a mountain church in Golden, Colorado. Most recently, Bear held an office as the Vice President of the Elder Board at a local community church in Littleton, Colorado. Currently, as an Ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, he has dedicated his life to ministering to “the last and the least” with Love Bears All, Inc.

His responsibilities will include the organization and development of the nonprofit’s volunteer structure, its business development, fund-raising and planning for its growth for the foreseeable future. We welcome Bear in his new capacity full-time with Love Bears All, Inc. and ask that you prayerfully support him in this work.

The Love Bears All, Inc. Board of Directors