Dear LBA Friends,

Today was my last day in the public sector as a Construction Estimator, my last official position in the Construction industry. I started in construction at the age of 16 with my very own painting company, Brothers Paint Company. It was a successful enough business to help me through college and I branched out to do remodeling work. Over the course of many years, I owned three more construction companies: Carpenter’s Son Remodeling, Bear Construction & Remodeling (Colorado) and Bear Construction & Remodeling (North Dakota). God has been good to me and has blessed the work of my hands.

I will miss each and every one of my colleagues and clients over the last several years with both Foothills Paving & Maintenance and with Andraos Construction. I have completed an awesome 6 years with my most recent employer, Andraos Construction as their Lead Estimator (giving my 4 months notice back in late October) and I will be going Full-Time as the only staff member at Love Bears All, Inc. from now on!

I am thrilled to begin work full-time as the President and CEO of Love Bears All, a nonprofit Christian Charitable Ministry, as I feel that God has been preparing me for this work for many years. It was over three years ago that I first felt the call to this specific ministry, but it has been since 1982 that I knew I was called into full-time ministry for the Lord.

I was licensed to preach by Applewood Baptist Church way back in 1982 when I was just 18 years of age. I have worked full-time in para-church ministry (at Serendipity House publishing) and as a full-time Senior Pastor of a local church (at Church On The Outside in inner-city Denver) and have done various other ministry-related things throughout my life, but this will be the greatest “God-Adventure” of my life.

God called me to minister to the last and the least of our society, to reach out to the needy and hurting at their greatest moments of crisis and be His hands and feet to serve them. Please pray for me as I work to serve the elderly, disabled, disadvantaged, homeless, single moms, battered women, widows and orphans of the Front Range area. Please also pray for each of the Clients that God will put in my path. I look forward to having you as my prayer partner and supporter of Love Bears All as we set out together on this journey, this God-Adventure!

To The Kingdom!

Bear Deardorff